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Matthew was an absolute joy to work with and a professional in every way. I knew immediately when I heard his audition that he was the man for the job. He worked diligently to understand the characters and make adjustments based on the feedback I provided. He was timely in all communications and met every deadline. Most importantly, I think he nailed it. Audio readers evidently agree, because sales took off immediately after the release. Being my first venture into the audiobook world, I wasn't sure what to expect, but I could not be more pleased. I'd love to work with him on my next book.

- W. D. McComb, award-winning author of The Truth That Lies Between and Anatomy Of The Truth

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How to Save a Fae: Heir of Dragons, Book 2

By J.A. Culican

When sworn enemies face an even deadlier threat, will their lifelong conflict cut off their only chance at survival?

Minx' entire existence had been condensed into a mere three actions: load, aim, and fire. The dragons have fled, and Torrent has invaded Paddling Ground. And it’s all Minx’ fault; if she had just slayed a dragon like she was tasked to do and brought its hide back to fuel their wards, everything would have been okay.

Instead...her mother is dead. The Fae continue to die. The war is getting worse, and Kaleb is gone. But worse than all, she still needs a dragon hide to protect her people. And Minx is out of time.

Will Minx find a way to save her people in time, or will this be the end of the Fae?

How to Save a Fae is the stunning second book in the Heir of Dragons epic fantasy series. If you like dragon shifters, forbidden romance, and dark magic, then you’ll love J.A. Culican's fiery tale.

Buy How to Save a Fae to fight dark magic today!

How to Save a Fae: Heir of Dragons, Book 2 (Sample)

How to Kill a Dragon: Heir of Dragons, Book 1

Written by J.A. Culican

Her bloodline says they should be mortal enemies. Her heart swears otherwise. Will her torn loyalties leave her vulnerable to a rising evil?

Minx’s hunting and fighting skills are legendary. But when adversaries trespass on the royal Fae lands, she’s nervous about her mission to restore the defense wards by slaying a dragon and returning with its powerful hide. And the ferocious warrior grows desperate when neighboring clans demand that she defeat not one, but two of the fearsome beasts in fights to the death.

Angered by the coercive demand, Minx tracks down her first red-scaled monster - only to be stunned when it shifts into a stunning young man. And when her handsome foe claims they share a common adversary, her attraction tempts her toward an unheard-of alliance against a dark new threat. 

Will Minx’s quest to save her species drag them into a bloody war?

How to Kill a Dragon is the breathtaking first book in the Heir of Dragons epic fantasy series. If you like fierce heroines, forbidden romance, and magic gone awry, then you’ll love J. A. Culican’s fiery tale.

Copy of HOD1 Cover Art.jpeg
Heir of Dragons Book 1 (Sample)
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E-Commerce Power

Written by Jason G. Miles

In E-Commerce Power, Jason G. Miles shares a practical framework for starting and scaling a profitable ecommerce brand in the age of Amazon.

E-Commerce Power is filled with encouragement, practical advice, tips, strategies, interviews, and proven online marketing methods - all organized to help new entrepreneurs. In 2008, Jason worked with his wife to start their new brand created on eBay selling doll clothes. In 2013, they launched Pixie Faire - a popular sewing supply marketplace. The site has been featured by Shopify and is in the top one percent of all Shopify sites based on worldwide site traffic. 

Within E-Commerce Power, Jason aims to teach new entrepreneurs how he and his wife were able to accomplish such a feat and thrive from it. E-Commerce Power is: Packed with interviews featuring small business owners crushing it online. A practical framework that explains how to scale up an ecommerce business for even the most novice listener. An enthusiastic guide of Amazon’s third party selling system, which has created a boom in private label product strategies.

E-Commerce Power (Sample)

The Lemiscate Tower

Written by Matthew Fish

Four college friends find themselves being torn between two worlds; a familiar reality and a strange world where they are princes and princesses of fantastical kingdoms at war with each other. This dark war is slowly eroding the mental state of all those involved as they are guided to seek answers and resolutions by a mysterious man who has a deeply troubled past of his own. The Lemniscate Tower is about the violent paths that the characters take and their search for redemption as they attempt to remember who they truly are in both worlds. However, dark forces are at work to ensure that they remain trapped in a nightmarish state of perpetual conflict.

CW: Graphic depictions of violence; suicide

Lemiscate Tower (Sample)
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The Truth That Lies Between

Copy of TTTLB Audiobook Cover.jpg

Written by W.D. McComb

When he’s not busy trying to win over the girl of his dreams, Case Reynolds fishes, camps, and races three-wheelers on a local farm with his best friends, the carefree Jack Masterson and brilliant Jet Townsend. But Case’s life changes forever when he finds the murdered remains of a local drifter in a barn, the beloved farm comes up for sale, and Jack’s abusive stepfather Stone disappears without a trace.

The evidence points to all three events being connected. And when the boys discover that not only are they prime suspects in the drifter’s death, but the future of the farm depends on exposing the truth, they set out to find Stone and catch the killer on their own.

Their secret quest takes them on a journey of danger and self-discovery that they never could have imagined. Because Stone had dark secrets, killers will kill again, and the truth isn’t always what it seems, even between best friends.

Can Case and his friends execute their plan to bring justice to those who deserve it and find a bit of redemption for Stone—and themselves—in the process?

The Truth That Lies Between (Sample)
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The Unofficial and Unauthorized Diary of a Wimpy Kid Cookbook

Written by Gina Meyers

The Unofficial and Unauthorized Diary of a Wimpy Kid Cookbook (Sample)
Copy of UUDWK Cover Art Updated 20201201.jpg

The aroma of pot roast is wafting in the air. The fear of the “Cheese Touch” is looming in the minds of the children who attend Westmore Middle School. Welcome to The Unofficial & Unauthorized Diary of a Wimpy Kid Cookbook. Inspired by the antics of one diary writer and middle schooler, by the name of Greg Hefley, let The Unofficial & Unauthorized Diary of a Wimpy Kid Cookbook take you on a cooking adventure. Enjoy Drooling Pot Roast With Vegetables, Rowley’s Cheese Touch Grilled Cheese Sandwich, Sweetie Pie Chocolate Torte and dozens of delicious healthy and mouth watering meals.

Besides wonderful recipes, there also is a fun trivia section.

East of the Wall

Written by Alan Cook

In June 1963 the Berlin Wall has been up for almost two years. The CIA has had a rough time maintaining an intelligence operation in East Germany, known as the German Democratic Republic (GDR), because of the Stasi—the East German secret police who have perhaps the best surveillance system ever established. There are rumors that the Germans were working on a weapon of mass destruction during World War II that was never completed, but the U.S. intelligence service has no easy way of finding out anything about this project. For the security of the free world they want to beat the Soviets in acquiring what information they can. Ted Robinson, an agent who is acquainted with financial analysts Charlie Ebersole and Liz Reid because of their operation in Castro’s Cuba, attempts to recruit them to go through the Wall into the GDR. Liz’s second cousin lives in the GDR, and his father, who is dead, may have worked on the World War II project. Motivated by patriotism and concern for Liz’s cousin, who may have some knowledge of what his father did, the pair agree to go, despite the obstacles put in the way of travelers to the GDR. Their job is to gather what information they can before the Soviets do, and stay out of the hands of the Stasi.

East of the Wall (Sample)
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